XmlPoking vsixmanifests with Psake / Powershell


Nant had some very useful XmlPoke and XmlPeek tasks for working with xml files. When manually installing visual studio plug-ins, the vsixmanifest needs to have some fields prodded to work correctly, specifically the InstalledByMsi and Version.

So here’s a POSH version of XmlPoke:

function xmlPoke([string]$file, [string]$xpath, $value, [hashtable]$namespaces) { 
    [xml] $fileXml = Get-Content $file 
    $xmlNameTable = new-object System.Xml.NameTable
    $xmlNameSpace = new-object System.Xml.XmlNamespaceManager($xmlNameTable)

    foreach($key in $namespaces.keys)
        $xmlNameSpace.AddNamespace($key, $namespaces.$key);
    $node = $fileXml.SelectSingleNode($xpath, $xmlNameSpace) 
    if ($node) { 
        $node.InnerText = $value 



And the usage for vsixmanifests is below, you will need to adjust the namespaces based on the xml you are prodding.

$namespaces = @{ "vsx" = "http://schemas.microsoft.com/developer/vsx-schema/2010"}
$xpath = "/vsx:Vsix/vsx:Identifier/vsx:"
xmlPoke "$destination\extension.vsixmanifest" $xpath"InstalledByMsi" "true" $namespaces
xmlPoke "$destination\extension.vsixmanifest" $xpath"Version" $version $namespaces
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