Syntax Highlighting under BlogEngine.NET


On Sharp Fellows we are currently using a variety of ways to post code to the blog. After evaluating a few different ways my preferred way is using Alex Gorbatchevs Syntax Highlighter.

A nice and easy way to integrate this with BlogEngine.NET is to use a lovely extension written by David Pokluda called SourceCodePlugin. The instructions posted on the main page are great and installation is a breeze, I had it working with BlogEngine within minutes.

The bundled Live Writer plug-in which comes with SourceCodePlugin is quite functional, however I prefer the one provided by Anthony Bouch called PreCode Snippet. It has a nice UI which exposes all the functionality which I’ve needed from Syntax Highlighter and puts it in a convenient location on the Live Writer edit bar.


The Fix Indentation feature is particularly helpful when copying fragments of nested code from Visual Studio.

Happy Blogging.

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