Switching Visual Studio Environment Tools with Powershell and SlightlyPosher


Initially the SlightlyPosher environment configured the VS2008 tools as that was what I need on my project. Pascal was kind enough to send me a patch to use the VS2010 tools instead.

I thought it would be cool to satisfy both users, as not everyone has been lucky enough to switch to VS2010 yet.

In profile.ps1 by default the VS2010 tools are loaded.

Set-VsVars32 2010


If you would like to switch this, its as simple as calling:

Set-VsVars32 2008

Now you will have a VS2008 environment and MSBuild 3.5 at your fingertips.


The implementation for this is pretty straightforward…

#### Functions Used to Load VS Command Prompt #####
function Get-Batchfile ($file) {
    $cmd = "`"$file`" & set"
    cmd /c $cmd | Foreach-Object {
        $p, $v = $_.split('=')
        Set-Item -path env:$p -value $v

function Set-VsVars32($vsYear)
   switch ($vsYear)
        2008 {$vstools = $env:VS90COMNTOOLS}
        2010 {$vstools = $env:VS100COMNTOOLS }

   $batchFile = [System.IO.Path]::Combine($vstools, "vsvars32.bat") 
   Get-Batchfile -file $batchFile
   Write-Host -ForegroundColor 'Yellow' "VsVars has been loaded from: $batchFile"

The Get-BatchFile function is provided by many blogs describing how to use the Visual Studio tools with PowerShell. The Set-VsVars32 method takes the year as an argument, and loads the tools for that Visual Studio year.

Run update.bat to get these latest changes. Enjoy!

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