SlightlyPosher: Console2 settings for PowerShell


Pascal has pointed out that out of the box, SlightlyPosher does not integrate Console2 with PowerShell. Oops.

I have committed the settings file for this, so if you run update.bat or download it you will get the changes.

If you would like to override the default configuration, you can do so with Console2.

  1. Right click on the console and go to settings.
  2. Click the Console tab.
  3. Check “Save settings to user directory”

Now when you customise your console, it will not be wiped out when you do an update.

Pascal also highlighted that if you are new to POSH, you might also want to set your environment to allow scripts to run without restriction.

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

This should allow the modules to load and run correctly. I will look at adding this to the install.bat asking if new users would like this enabled to simplify the process.

Sorry about these omissions!

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