NBehave v0.5 Released!


If your not running the latest builds from the build server, you might want to grab this latest stable for a few new goodies!

Some highlights include .NET 4.0 builds, more gherkin support, an improved console runner and the stable parts of the Visual Studio plugin we have been blogging about. A big thanks to John and Morgan for their hard work on this.


Happy coding!

Update: Looks like John and myself blogged at the same time, to save your RSS feed two posts we’ve merged Johns post below:

NBehave 0.5 has just been released into the wild.  The full release notes are available here, but there have been changes relating to most aspects of BDD style development:

  • Scenario processing: embedding table data into scenarios; having scenario outlines that get executed multiple times against a set of example data; comments into scenarios; language support
  • Scenario execution: run scenarios through TestDriven.Net; run scenarios from VS2010 using the NBehave plugin; support for config files
  • Scenario development: generate empty step methods using the command line
  • Documentation: more code examples are shipping with the release now
  • Unit test support: the fluent syntax is back, for those devs who want to use NBehave within a unit test framework
  • .Net 4.0 support, as well as .Net 3.5

This is quite a feature-packed release, so I will be posting more details on individual features over time.  For now though, you can grab the download from the Codeplex site.  Note that to get the VS 2010 plugin you will need to download and run the released exe file.  Enjoy!

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