NBehave VS2010 Plugin: New Builds


We’ve been hard at work improving the plug-in, and now is a good time to make it available. Please bear in mind this is still work in progress, and we really need your feedback both on stability and features.

There’s a new front-page on the bitbucket repository: http://nbehave.bitbucket.org/

New alpha builds will be published on the bitbucket download page: http://bitbucket.org/naeem.khedarun/nbehave/downloads

The wiki is also getting some love: http://bitbucket.org/naeem.khedarun/nbehave/wiki/Getting_Started

There are two new major features in the latest build:

Syntax Highlighting


Execute single scenarios


New releases will be published at @NaeemKhedarun, and major features will be blogged about here, I hope you enjoy the new features. And please, we need feedback!

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