MOSS: Custom commands for the stsadm.exe utility

I'm doing some work with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) and I recently discovered that with MOSS (and WSS v3) the administration utility is extensible.  Stsadm.exe is something that I have a love-hate relationship with, but it's interesting that it's commands work on a provider model.  Tony Bierman has posted all the details on the SharePoint Solutions Blog and Andrew Connell has some real-world examples of custom commands.

I can see these custom commands being really useful in many MOSS deployment scenarios - anyone who has ever tried to write an MSI or a batch file deployment for a SharePoint site will know how invaluable stsadm.exe really is.  Of course it does raise a bootstrapping issue, in that you have to get your custom commands deployed before you can use them for the rest of your deployment.  However, this shouldn't be an insurmountable problem.

January 22 2007
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