Sometimes bed is not an option


"What passed for society was a loud, giddy whirl of thieves and pretentious hustlers, a dull sideshow full of quacks and clowns and philistines with gimp mentalities."

Hunter S Thompson - The rum diaries

How many times do you hear that to do the right thing is “Not an option” because of your client engagement.

I sometimes suspect this is much more driven by fear of the Consultants engagement than by the actual need – Sometimes being unpopular is the only option. Let me illustrate a fairly common scenario for you.

You have a piece of work where the client hasn’t actually agreed to the tech and visual design yet, this piece of work may be quite important and needs to be done very soon and as a team you might really want to get it out of the way? – The correct response is to NOT do it until we have a consensus on what the functionality should do – Hold off it – drop it – The product owner may be unhappy in the short term but then it saves you generating waste willingly. The problem is you don’t actually know what they want so are you building it because;

You are arrogant enough to think you know your product owners business better than they do?

Or because you are in the “More haste less speed” camp of “How wrong can it be?” (See above)

Now this happens all the time but let’s take this situation out of its comfortable context and put it somewhere where it really shows its flaws.

You take your car to a mechanic (You are now the Product Owner and the mechanic is the team) and the mechanic states that there is some serious damage to your engine. He will likely be able to get away with re doing the head (£x) but thinks it is wise to replace the engine (£3x)

If you have a good quality late model car maybe the engine replacement makes sense

If it’s an older car you are considering replacing in a year or two most likely the head

If it is an old banger you will probably tell him to not bother and scrap it.

How do you think you are going to feel when you decide to tell him to scrap it, call him up, and he says “We got bored waiting so we put in a new engine. You owe us £1800”

I reckon you are going to be a little less than pleased.

June 8 2010
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