Here is a SlightlyPosher environment


On my personal laptop I use Console2 with a PowerShell environment loaded with useful modules like PSCX, PowerTab and LINQ. I needed to be able to use this on client machines, so I cleaned up the paths to be relative and uploaded it to a DropBox.

Now this worked great for me, however I wanted to share it with my work mates, so I needed an easier way of distributing it. Since I’ve gone through the effort why not share it with everyone.

Getting Started


  1. Download the latest from:
  2. Unzip
  3. Run Install.bat – This appends the SlightlyPosher profile to your PowerShell profile.
  4. Launch Console2
  5. That’s it!

Updating your environment


You can update the entire environment using update.bat. This will download the latest from GitHub and unzip it into your local directory.

This will wipe out any changes to make to existing files (but not delete new ones). So please fork the project on GitHub and send me pull requests for any changes you make. It will not override changes you make to the configuration for Console2 since everyone likes their console slightly different.

What you will get




Tab Completion


Balloon Notifications



Visual Studio Command Prompt


Get-SystemInternalsSuite (downloaded, unzipped and configured into your path)



Command line history


Even more stuff in modules

You can browse all the functions that are available and pre-loaded in the modules folder.



Since I’ve pulled in quite a bit of stuff from the web, it’s only fair that I credit others. I’ve done my best do put credits directly in the code. For example:


If you see code I’ve not credited, please let me know and I’ll add it in!



You can reach me @NaeemKhedarun

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