Downloading the session recordings from BUILD Windows 2011

I’ve updated the previous session downloader, originally published by Naeem and Marcin, to download the sessions from BUILD Windows 2011.  It will give you the option to download only the sessions that have video published, so you’ll need to keep checking it over the next few days as sessions get published.

Build session downloader

The app will run up to two concurrent downloads, and will queue up further requests.  So you can tell it the list of videos you want, and leave it to do it’s thing.  Downloads can be cancelled.

Note that it’s the High Quality WMV that will get downloaded.

You can get the source code at from Bitbucket, or you can download some pre-compiled binaries (.Net 3.5 required) or you can now get it using clickonce here.  Please let me know if you have any trouble with it.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention, as with the previous downloader this app supports resuming of partially completed download.

September 16 2011
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